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While conventional chemical wastewater treatments break up accumulated FOG, all they can do by themselves is move the FOG downstream, making your wastewater treatment plants work harder. In addition, chemicals are quickly diluted and washed out of the system, requiring frequent—and expensive—treatments.

Grease-X Emulsifier and Grease-X Jet are effective at breaking down FOG and clearing lines and lift stations quickly, but they’re only the first part of the total Grease-X solution. Once you’ve emulsified the FOG, the next step is treatment with Grease-X Biozyme. Its microorganisms actually eat the grease, reducing the load on your wastewater treatment plant. And unlike chemicals treatments, the microbes in Grease-X Biozyme are alive–reproducing, forming colonies and constantly eating, whether attached to a pipeline wall or floating in the flow of wastewater.

What’s more, Grease-X Biozyme can improve wastewater plant efficiency by 30 to 40 percent because it effectively biodegrades high concentrations of detergents that lower surface tension.

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