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Which Grease-X Product is Right for You?

Which Grease-X product to use depends on your application. Whatever your situation, you can count on Grease-X to be effective and easy to apply.

Our suite of Grease-X products works to effectively unclog pipelines, clear blocked lift lines and rid of pipeline odors. And there is no better way to ensure continued clear pipes than by using Grease-X Biozyme as a preventive maintenance solution. Our highly concentrated formula of microorganisms reproduce and spread throughout the system to ensure FOG reduction.



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How to Use Grease-X

Grease-X 2lb. Jar Instructional

Step 1

Unscrew Lid from the top of the Grease-X container.

Step 2

Add the correct amount of Grease-X granules to warm water, per the directions on the jar.

Step 3

Let the Grease-X granules sit in water for 15 minutes to activate the microorganisms.

Step 4

Pour the Grease-X granules down the sink being treated.


Step 5

Wait a minimum of 20 minutes before running water down the treated sink.